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condiconal: if+presentsimple-futuresimple/may-might(is).If+presentsimple-would/could-might .if+pastperfect+wouldhave/could-mighthave.LAS ORACIONES TEMPORALES: will(v.principal)+when,by the time,as soon as./when i get home, i´ll call you)LAS ORACIONES DESIDERATIVAS: 1-wish/if only+pastsimple(If only had a computer-He wishes his friends were here now)2-wish(ifonly+pastperfect(if only i hadn´t lost my mobile phone-I wish he had called me)3-Wish+could/would+baseform(I wish i could go to university-ilike jack so much.If only he would call me!)// Faraway-distant/virtually-almost/Poureddown-fell heavily/Abroad-to a foreign country/ A fortnight-Two weeks/ roasting-Burning/Choice-Decision/ docks- embarcamiento-Ship/Terrific- thrilled/Slight- you can hardly hear it/Got off-Bajar del avión/ Oil-energy/ Salied away-miss them/summon-convocar/ Apply for-solicitar/Come along-llegar/ Choice-eleccion/Pour down-caer el agua/ Stifling-ligero/Toun out- happen-salir/ Turn up- Arrive-llegar/ Turn in- go to bed-acostarse/ turned away- refused entrance-apartarse/ turned on- Attacked-atacar/ turn reound- opposite direcction-darse la vuelta/ Sawoff-despedirse/ see out-acompñar a la salida/ seeto- Encargarse de/ see throught-verle el plumero/ see into-acompñar a la entrada.

Presentsmple: writes-are written/Past simple: Wrote-were written/future simple: will write-will be written/ Present contiunos: is writing-are being written/ Past continuos: Was writing-were being  written/ Perf Pressmple: Has written-Have benn written/ Past perfec smple: Hasd qritten-had been written/ Modals: should write- Should be written/ Modal perfect: Must have written-musta have been written/ haveto: Has to write-have to be written/be going to: is going to write- are going to be qritten.