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Ability: Aff:•can (poder, ser capaz de )=Can you speak french? •Will(será capa de)= she will be able to speak french in two months• Could: (sabía/podia, alguien tuvo la cpcidad o puno hacer lgo en el pasdo pero no lo hizo)=I could have gone to university when i ws younger. •Be able to: ser capaz de = she is able to speak chino •Was/were able to: pudo/logró Neg: Couldn´t( no pudimos)/were not able to(no fuimos capaces de).

Possibility: •May(puede que, mas probabilidad)=he may be in his office •Might(puede que,menos probabilidad)=she might be 30 years old

Certeza: •Must: debes •Can´t: es imposible q

Request: Pedir/solicitar: •Could you: podria usted? •Can you: puedes?  

Permiso: •can: puedo/puedes? •Could:podría? •May: puedo/puedes?

Refussing permission:(negarse):You are not allowed= no tienes el permiso para.

Obligacion: must/have to=you must/have to have a passport to visit more foreign countries.

Prohibition: musnt = you mustnt tell anyone what i said

Ausencia de obligacion:Dont have: no hace falta k =I can hear you quite clearly. You dont have to shout

Advice:(Consejo): Shouldnt=You have been coughing a lot recently. You shouldnt smoke so most.

Obligacion in the past=i had to go to hospital

•Obligacion: must have: You must have a passport to visit more foreign countries.•Ausencia de obligacion: D´ont have to: i can hear you quite already, you don´t have to sait•Prohibicion: mustn´t: you mustn´t talk in class•Advice(consejo): should: you should give up smoking

2) •Making a request (solicitar): -can you tell me how can i get to the bus station?•Refusing permission(negar permiso): -If you are under 17, you are not allowed to drive a car in Britain. •Prohibition: You mustn´t forget what i told you. It´s very important. •Giving permission: -You can smoke if you like •Certeza:- He must be over 70.-she can´t be at university. She is only 15 years old. •asking for permission: Could I borrow your bicycle? •Obligacion: -Many children in Britain have to wear a uniform when they go to school. Posibility: -The weather forecast is not very good. It might rin this afternoon. •Ability:- The fire spread through the building very quickly but everyone was able to escape.

3) 1. You dont have to hurry. We have plenty of time. 2. The exibition was free so i didnt have to pay. 3. She is allergic to diary products so she mustnt eat an4. People should talk 5.The boy...were able to/could 6.I think...Shouldnt 7.we tried...couldnt/were not able to 8. the government should 9. i can... dont have to 10. we have...dont have to

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