Completar texto con must, should, would,was able to, had to

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1..We will have got.. 2..People will be using fever.. 3..Will you comlete.. 4..I will be spending the day.. 5..I won`t have slept
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1.What are you doing next weekend? 2.The phone is ringing.I will answer it 3...He will be studying 4.Will they have destroyed... 5..,we won`t have finished secondary education
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1.He is going to buy 2.She will enjoy 3.We will have completed 4.I am going to meet 5.I will still be sleeping 6.I will get
1.Dr Smith,who is an excellent doctor,is retiring 2.A lady who i didn`t recognise knocked on our door 3..Avon,where,Shakespeare was born. 4.Our tv,which we`ve had for years,broke down last nigh 5.Show me the article which you wrote for the paper 6.Her dress,which probably cost a let of money,was gorgeous
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1...Hotel where we satayed last summer.. 2.Louise,who hardly ever gets angry,began shouting at the boy 3...Children whose names all.. 4.Shakespeare,whose plays have been translated into many languages,lived 400 years ago 5...Article which i read yesterday 6...O`clock,when i can go home 7.The music that you`re playing is too loud for me 8.The man who lived upstairs left town a few..
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Completar: 1.You don`t have to come if you don`t want to 2.Might 3.Should 4.Is able to 5.Musn`t 6.Have to 7.Couldn`t 8.Can`t
Completar: 1.You shouldn`t have said anything about the party 2.Must have left 3.Could have stoyed 4.Might not have reciened

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