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Holly was takin part in tha´ll teach `Em, on experiment created by british TV.
The a school of the 60 is very different the actually in spite of this , Holly considers good this education She has learned the old rules.
Holly was taking part in the program because it is a new experience for she.
They experience to have change in her education and personality.
But She believe that the education is very good although no Cd players, no mobile phones, no calculators and horrible meals.
Holly has been good in the school, She is very happy with this experience and likes the education of those years.
I don´t would go to the Tvshow because i like the actual education the method is good but I like very the actualy. The method so old I do not like.  Ej:5-1)b2)a3)c///Ej.6-1)F Lin.11/12.2)V Lin.29/31.3)Flin.37/38///Ej.7-1)burst in to tears2)allowed3)sure

Mobiles: In Spain the use of mobile phones is very frequency.People in my country use mobile phones for very thing as for example send the messages, listen to music, playing games that have the phone in addition to speaking.
In the restaurant or public places the Spain is usually to take the mobile pone and nobody see you bad although by the sound of people in public places is normally that to go out to answer his mobile phone. On the contrary in London I don´t required eaving the restaurant to answer or like happens in tokyo also messages are sent when you can not answer.
The use the mobile phone has become something essential in our lives. The mayority of Spanish do not leave home without your mobile pone.This electronic device has advanced greatly in recent years.

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