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1) Nowadays, people use much the Internet because it is fast and easy. Many people think that the Internet is a better invention than books.

2) On the one hand, the Internet helps people to have more information. You can look for all you need in a little of time. On the second hand, children can see things that aren't good for them. Also, the Internet is very expensive.

3) Books, are good because they don't damage the eyes as the computers. However, they need a lot of space and is more difficult to search information.

4) All in all, I think that is good using the Internet and books but if you use them good.


1) I've have a problem recently. My daughter Laura met a guy a month ago and he asked her out. They've met a few times and I think that she likes him. I think he is a bit older than her, but I'm not sure because she doesn't talk about Dani.

2) I'm worried because I haven't met this person. I think my daughter should be more open about their relationship and I'd be much happier if she introduced me to her boyfriend. But maybe I shouldn't worry or interfere. I usually trust my daughter, but she has been strange recently.

3) I'd really like some advice because if I don't do something soon, we'll probably have a big argument.

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