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Shy: nervous abaout meet people, quiet, reserved.

Outgoing: extrovert, open, friendly.

Practical: good with your hands, realistic, sensible.

Creative: imaginative, artistic, skilful.

Sensitive: emotional, easily hurt, sympathetic.

Clear-headed: logical, rational, analytical.

Honest: truthful, frank, sincere.

Spontaneous: impulsive, instictive, free.

Cotious: careful, hesitant, moderate.


UN: pleasent, intelligent, popular, sociable.

DIS: honest.

IM: patient, polite.


UN: friendly, emotional, sympathetic.

DIS: honest, agreeable.

IL: logical, legal.

IR: regular, responsible.

IN: correct, sincere, sensitive.

IM: possible, practical, patient

Worde easily confused

Job: work for which you receive regular pay.

Career: series of jobs in a particular area of work.

Habit: something done regularly.

Custom: tradition or accepted way of doing something.

Laughter: sounds made to show you think something is funny.

Humour: what makes something funny or amusing.

Intention: reason for doing smething.

purpose: what you plan to do.


All: the entire number or quantily of.

Each: every one.

None: no part or number of

Whole: with no part left out.

Both: the two

CUT OUT: remove.

CUT IN: interrupt.

CUT THROUGH: take a shorter way.

CUT OFF: stop the supply of.


OR: direct, translate, act         IST: guitar, art, type

ER: employ, engine, paint       IAN: music, politics, electric

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