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The story is about Robin Hood who kills a deer and an aide to the king, then the king wants to kill him. All the king's aides sought and he runs and hides in the woods where he befriends a group of people who are anti law and is with them. 
Then in Nothingam make a archery contest that really is a trap to go and catch Robin Hood, but his father does not want to leave because he's too young. At the end is but disguised as a tramp and he does not find it. Win the contest and when he returns home he sends a letter to the king saying that the tramp was really won it.Then he is in love with a girl but the girl's father says the money is very important and does not want to marry him, he wants to marry a richer. 
At the end becomes the king and the assistants were at war against the king's friends Robbin, and he does to stop war and end Robbin and also wins the girl home. 


• Robin Hood: the Protagonist. 
• Maid Marian, is that the end is home to Robin Hood. 
• Friar Tuck: This is the companion of Robin Hood. 
• Will Stutely: 
• Will Scarlett: Robin is a friend and member of the band. 
• Fair Ellen: 
• Allan: 
• Little John, was a man outlaw Robin Hood. 

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