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present perfecte simple:...+have/has+part.present perfect continuous:...+have been+-ing.Future continuous:...+will be+ing.futureperfect simple:...+will have+part.1r  conditional: if+present simple, will+ inf. 2nd conditional:if+pasado simple, would+inf.3r conditional.If +past perfect, would have+part.Wish+past simple/continuo:gustar que algo sea diferente. wish +past perfect:arrepentimiento.wish+would:quejarse de un hecho.past perfecte simple:...+had +part. past perfect continuous:...+ had been+ing

Reported speech:present simple--->past simple, present comtinuous-->past continuouns:i am -ing-->i was -ing.present perfect simple-->past perfect simple:i have -ed-->i had -ed.past continuouns-->paste perfect continuous.:have been+ -ing-->had been +-ing. past simple-->past perfect simple:i + -ed-->i had +-ed.past perfect simple-->past perfect simple: i had +-ed. will-->would: i will +  inf-->i would + inf. can-->could, must-->had to: i + must + inf-->i had to + inf....orders: here-->there/this-->that/these-->those/now-->then/next week-->the following.../today-->that day/tonight--> that night/tomorrow-->the next day/yesterday-->the day before/last week-->the week before.

Modal verbs: ability: can could be able to. habilidad o capacidad.possibility-certeinty:could,may,might,must,can't.necessity,obligation and prohibition:must,have to ,need, musn't.advice:should, ought to,had better. permision:can,could,be allowed to.

Hechos del pasado: might/may could have+participli,,could have + part,,must have+ participle,, can't have+participle,,should have + part,,shouldn't have + part.

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