First Conditional

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 NOUNAdjetctive Opp 
 Patience Patient Impacient
 Calmness Calm Nervous
 Weakness Weak Strong
 Toughness Credible Uncreible
 Emotion Emotional Unemotional
 Consistency Consisten Inconsistent
 Sympathy SympatheticUnsympathetic 
 Formality Formal Informal
 Enthusiasm Enthusiastic Unesthusiastic
 Creativity Creative Uncreativity

First Conditional :  if + present simple, will + base form of the verb
This describes a possible condition and its probable result. It is often used to make promises
Ej: If we meet our sales target, we will get a bonus.
Second Conditional: if + past simple, would + base form of the verb
This describes an unlikely condition and its probable result. It is often used to discuss options.
Ej: If he listened more, he would be a better manager.

Interest rate: Cost of borrowing money
Exchange rate: Price at wich one currency can buy another
Inflation rate: General increase in prices
Labour force: people working
Tax incentives: low taxes to encourage business activity
Goverment bureaucracy: official rules/ regulations/ paperwork.
GDP(gross domestic product): Total value of good and services produced in a country
Unemployment rate: percentage of people without jobs
foreign investmnet: money from overseas
balance of trade: difference in value between a country's imports and exports.

912.757.250: nine hundred and twelve million, seven hundred and fifthy seven thousand, two hundred and fifty.
1.25= one point two five ;  0.754 = point seven five four ; 5/7= five- sevenths ; 2/5= two- fifths; 1/2= a half
1/4= a quarter.  65%= sixty- five perfecent, 3.000.000= three million euros [libra=pounds]

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