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present simple : i like footbal          --      past simple: he said he liked

present continuos:im playing       --  past continuos:he said he was playing

be going to (present):im going to go to roma--be going to(past) he sais he was going to roma.

past simple:i played               --     past perfect:she said she had played.

present perfect:i've bought    --past perfect:     ""

will/would:i wont play    --     would:she said she wouldnt play

can:i can play            --            could:he sais he could play

must/have to:i must work     --   had to:he said he had to work  (musnt)-(mustnt).

here:there,now:then,this:that,today:that day,yesterday:the day before,tomorrow:the day after,next week:the week after.

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