Gerunds and Infinitives

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Gerunds: -After prepositions and phrasal verbs/-As the subject//Enjoy,hate,finish,like,love,mind,practise,spend,stop, suggest,don't mind,give up,go on. Infinitive: -After adjectives/.To express a reason or purpose//Afford,agree,decide, expect,forget,help,hope,learn,need,offer,plan,pretend, promise,refuse,remember,seem,try,want,would like. Ger,Inf:Begin,continue,prefer,start.//The roof needs repearing, I need to go to the toilet/ I mean doing it correctly, I didn't mean to hurt you/ I want to stop studing (for ever), I want to stop to study (for a period of time)/ Try+Inf=make an effort, Try+Ger=do it to see if you like it/Remember+Inf=don't forget to, Remember+Ger=I have memory of it/Go on+Ger=continuar de manera normal, Go on+Inf= continuar con algo diferente.

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