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Weddings: in the UK people get married either in a church or a registry oddice.In the US people often get married in a house, a park, a hotel, or wedding chapel, as well as in a church.The traditional wedding, called a white wedding as the bride wears a white dress,takes place in a church.

The main people at a wedding: Traditionally the bride wears a long white dress and a veil and carries a bouquet os flowers.The bridegroom wears a suit, or sometimes a tuxedo in the US, or a morning suit in the UK. The braidmaids are usually female friends of the bride.They usually wear long dresses.The best man is a male friend of the groom.

Before de ceremony: it is considered bad luck if the bridegroom ses the bride on the morning of the wedding.The bridegroom arrives first at the church and waits at the altar with the best man. The best man is responsible for bringing the wedding ring. The bride arrives at the church in a car with her father.

The ceremony: It is traditional for the bride's father to give her away.When the bride and the groom ar together at the altar, the priest begins the wedding service.He asks if there is anyone present who knows of any legal reason why the couple shouldn't get married. Then the bride and the groom exchange the traditional vows.The couple then give each other a gold ring and say"With this ring I thee wed".At the end of the ceremony,the priest say"I pronounce you man and wife".

After the ceremony: The friends throw confetti or rice over them.The couple and the guest go to reception, which is a special meal and a party to celebrate the wedding.The couple cut the wedding cake together.In the US they feed each other a small piece.Then the couple drive away to a hotel to spend their wedding night, before begining their honeymoon. Before she leaves, the bride throws her bouquet to her firends. According to custom, the one who catches it will be the next one to get married.

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