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People:[who/that)+ someone/somebody

             - anyone/anybody

             - no one/ no body

 • Things: (Wich/that)+something

             - anything

             - nothing

Places: (Where)+somewhere

             - anywhere

             - nowhere

Reported Speech:

Place: -Here → there                 Time: - Now → Then

         -This → that                              -Today → that day

         -These: those                            - Tonight →taht nigth

         -Come: go                              - Tomorrow → The next day

For: Durante (For two weeks)

Since: Desde 1997

Present Perfect: 1º-Llevo(For y Since)

                        2º- Experiencias (He leído el Quijote)

Second Conditional: WERE

Time expresions: -Just: Acabar de

-Yet: Ya o todavía/ final de las fraes ? y -

-Already: Ya

-Ever: alguna vez

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