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Modal verbs:a)obligation:1.must:she must be home by 11.they must smoke outside in the street.2.have to:you have to be there at 9.I have an exam tomorrow, I have to study.b)no obligation:1.don't have to:you don't have to eat.c)prohibition:1.mustn't:you mustn't talk in an exam.d)advice:1.should/shouldn't:you should drink more water.2.ought to/ought not to:we ought to go.e)necessity:need/needn't:you need to see a doctor.f)ability:can/could/to be able to/:can:we use can to express ability in the present.could:we use could to express ability in the be able to:we use to be able to to express ability in the future.caracteristikas:son auxiliares y por lo tanto no necesitan el do para neg. y int. no yevan to delante ni detras excepto n have to,ought to y used to.misma forma para personas dl verbo:I can, She can. ejemplos:you don't have to come tomorrow/you needn't come tomorrow=No hace falta ke vengas mañana.He shouldn't drink so much=No deberia beber tanto.

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