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Nowadays, a lot of people drink alcohol and sometimes it causes a lot of death. Drinking alcohol it's bad for our health. I believe that alcohol is a good thing to have a good time but you have to control i, because if you don't control, you could be in bad situations.

For example, young people drink alcohol to feel that they are better than other people. I definitely think that they don't drink with moderation, so some hours o minuteslater they feel badly.

The alcohol affects more to girls than the boys. The girls have less capacity to bear alcohol in their body. On the other hand, boys have more capacity than girls to bear alcohol. They accept better the alcohol in their body. In my opinion, young people mustn't drink alcohol.

Next week, there is a party in Azpeitia and I am looking foward to it. I zant to have a great time but controlling the alcohol. We should be careful with the alcohol.

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