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conseguir outperform:hacer algo mejor
hacer trampas outplay: jugar mejor que
copy:copiar outrun:corrar mas que
fail:suspender overcharge:cobrar de mas
get a high mark:sacar buena nota redo:rehacer
get a low mark:sacar mala nota rewrite:escribir de nuevo
pass:aprobar overconfident:exceso de confianza
panic:ponerse muy nervioso overwork:trabajar demasiado
volver a hacer underachieve: rendir menos revise:repasar undercook:no cocinar suficiente
study:estudiar undersestimate:subestimar
take:hacer un examen advise:dar consejo
primary school:colegio de primaria attend:asistir
secundary school:colegio de secundaria success:exito
subject:asignatura career:carrera profesional
uniform:uniforme college:instituto de formacion
university:universidad lecture:clase magistral
anti-learning:antiaprendizaje library:biblioteca
anti-war:antiguerra realize:darse cuenta
misbehave:portarse mal
misunderstand:entender algo mal
Vocabulario de redaccion: In my opinion,personally,I think, It is a fact that, it is true that, many people say/believe,therefore(por eso),this is because,another reason is,futhermore,also,finally,to conclude, nowadays,although(aunque).

Wearing uniforms in schools is a measure that works as a method of equality between students, but not everyone agrees with its implementation. This measure has some advantages and disadvantages, which are shown below:
One of the advantages is that you wouldn't lose time in the morning deciding which clothes to wear to go to school, because you will always have to use the same outfit.
If all the students dress the same way, they will intensify the feeling of group and they will feel closer to their colleagues . Also, the fact that students have the obligation to wear uniforms in the center makes easier the work of people who control the security of the school, because through this they are able to identify between people who study there and intruders.
If students dress the same way, there is no room for distraction in the classroom with things that have nothing to do with studies, such as clothing, because all are equal.
But the most important advantage is that it eliminates the differences between social classes. People who have much money can buy brand name clothes, but there are also people who can't afford them. If everyone wears the same outfit, then it won't be any differences.
Disadvantages of the use of uniforms in schools are:
Much money is spent because the clothes that students used to wear to go to school are not anymore the same than that they wore when they weren't at it. If they wouldn't have to use uniform, they could use the same clothes for all things which would help them to save some money.
The most important disadvantage is that by wearing uniforms they are taken away their freedom of expression. The way in which people dress is very personal and represents their personality.

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