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-My favourite TV programme is calle d "Fisica o Quimica" which is watched in channel 3, Mondays at ten o´clock.
-This TV series deals with teenagers lifes in an institute, the teenagers have arguments,parties,really problems with teachers... In this TV series there are the same problems that teenagers like drugs,broken couples.
- Personally, I recommend this TV series because is funny and you are reflected in them.
Are travel abroad a good idea?
-A lot of people are afraid to travel abroad, and i dont know why, because everything are advantages, i think people is afraid because the dont know the languaje or people or something.
-The advantages are: you know new cultures, learn new languajes if you can and know new people or meet guides to show the cities and the languaje.
-In addition with new company of trips you can fly very very cheap to abroad and with best offers and cheaps hotels.
-Personally i think that travel to abroad is very useful and as far i am concerned is cheaper if you find the best price.
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