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Wish+past simple.. to talk about a present situation we want to change (if i had more flexitime /we wish we could leave earlier) Wish+past perfect to talk about a past situatuin we regret and would like to be differente (he wishes he had gone to university/i wish i hadnt lost my job)Wish+would to complain about a situation we would like to change in the future (she wishes her boss would giver her promotion)
expressing purpose=SO THAT/IN ORDER THAT se pone sujeto. SO AS TO/IN ORDER TO no se pone sujeto
TEMA 6: se utilizan comas cn las non defining y no se pueden sustituir por that solo las defining
much deal..muxo mas much less..muxo menos just as ..as..casi tanto not nearly as..as... ni muxo menos
not quite as long as ..no es casi tan largo como/
as if/as though(como si) -> she always looks as though she´s just been to the hairdresser´s o tb se pude sustituir en lo formal were en vez de was after as if o as though (the old house looked as if it were about to fall down
sightseeing(turismo) suburbs(a las afueras) outskirts(a las afueras) crowed(muxa gnte) squatter(asentamiento ilegal) hullside(colina) poor scenic disease campsite tourist

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