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If I could meet anyone in the world, I would like to meet Leona Lewis, the Singer.
Leona is tall and slim. She has long curly hair and light eyes. She is also broad-shouldered and long- legged. Her skin color is dark. Leona is very beautiful, and it is stylish. She always wears fashionable clothes.
Leone is very vain, she is also friendly. She loves to laugh and make friends. She is a cheerful and caring with all her fans, she is good-natured too. She sing to her people and loves to sit at home and makes you a good sense of humor. In addition, a hobby she has is to get new clothes for the concerts, she is very fashionable.
I think I admire Leone because it is a person trying to get more success, like the X Factor contest British version, and also because she helps with charity work. Love music and concerts not to make money, do it for love to music.If I met Leone, I would ask that I sing my favorite song for me, My Hands, and that she sign an autograph
in her poster.

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