Modal verbs obligation and necessity

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Modal Verbs: be able to - = can, be allowed to - se permite? /Possibility and deduction: may - puedes, el mas comun,might - podria, posibilidad, sugerencias, peticiones,can - poder,could - podrias,must - hay que //obligation and necessity: must - hay que, obligacion,have to - tienes que,have got - tienen,need - necesario, necesidad,,should - debes, deberias,ought to - deberias// ACTIVA PASSIVE: makes----------is made- is making------is being made- made-----------was made- was making---was being made- has made-------has being made- had made-------had been made- will make-------will be made- would make----would be made// REPORTED SPEECH: DIRECT-INDIRECT-is seeing----------was seeing- sees----------------saw- saw-----------------had seen- has seen----------had seen- will see------------would see- is going to see-was going to see-can see------------could see  //here-----------there -this------------that -these---------those -now-----------then -today----------that day -yesterday----the previous day -tomorrow----the next day .Commands (orden) (not) to +V. Suggestions: S+ suggested that + S.// Conditionals: 1º- If/unless+presnt simple, will+infinitivo. 2º- If+2ª col., would + inf. 3º- if+ had*3ª col., would have+3ª col.

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