My sister is too short to be a fashion model

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A.1-date,2-appeals to,3- first move,4-strike up,5-courage, 6-under pressure,7-approach,8-a means of,9-doubt,10-go wrong.

B.1-to call, 2-laughed our heads off,3-put off,4-listening,5-comes up with

C-1-She was delighted to hears the news.2-It isn't warm enough to swim outside.3-My sister is too short to be a fashion model.4-It sin't easy to learn a new language.5-John didn't speak loudly enough so nobody heard him.



B.1-Here is a photograph of the hotel where we stayed for a week.2-Mark,whose sister lives in Sidney, has decided to travel to Australia.3-I invited Amy to the jazz concert, which was very enjoyable.4-The film is about a confused man who lost his memory.

C.1a-should be addressed,b-was delivered,c- wasn't written,2a-hasn't been painted,b-is being painted,c-has to be sold.

D.1-She could invite the shole class to her party.2-Had been cheaper.3-You are here with us.

E.1Wouldn't hace enjoyed, had been.2-got up, would be.3-won't get,book.

A.1-D,2-C. B-Your listener a compliment, he or she will feel friendly towards you.

C-you are doing most of the talking.

D.1-unwind,2-keed the conversation going,3-essential,4-stay away from,5-effort

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