New York City

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I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world - New york city. new york, also known  as the big apple, is a city that never stop.**the island of manhattan, the heart of new york city, offers an amazing variety of entertainment - from visiting world-famous sities, museums and trendy clubs to attending concerts or spending hours walking and window-shopping along the crowded streets. After a tiring but fun day, you can eat in a local café, superb restaurant or noisy fast-food place**People that prefer peace and quiet can visit Central Park in the centre of manhattan. It´s possible to go ice-skating on its large pond in the winter, boating on Its blue lakes in the summer or just have a picnic in the park´s wide-open spaces** But, like every big city, new york its polluted. In fact, pollution has reached dangerous levels. As a result, there are plans to improve public tansport in the city and to actively encourage its use. To discourage people from taking their cars into manhattan, the mayor is thinking of making motorists pay to drive into the city, just as in london.** About 44 million tourists come to enjoy new york every year. Despite the pollution, they think new york is fantactic - and I agree with them.

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