Passive Voice

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S.Present: DO/DOES---->Am/Are/Is DONE
S. Past: DID-------------->Was/Were DONE
S.Future: Will/Shall DO->Will/Shall BE Done
S.Conditional: Would/Should DO-> Would/Hould BE Done
Present Perfect: Have/Has DONE->Have/Has BEEN Done
Past Perfect: Had DONE--->Had BEEN Done
Present Contin:Am/Is/Are DOING--> Am/Is/Are BEING Done
Past Conti:Was/Were DOING--> Was/Were Being Done
Am/Is/Are going to Do--> Am/Is/Are GOING TO be.
1.Susan will buy a book    
    S           V            CD
   A book will be bought by Susan
2.They will buy her a present
   S            V       CI       CD
  A present would be bought TO her by them
  She will bought a presnt by them

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