Past perfect continuous examen

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PRESENT S.(s,es,do)PAST S.(2colim.Did)//PRESENT C(is,are+ing)PAST C.(was+ing)//PAST S.(2.Did)PAST PERFECT(had+3v.Ed)//PAST.C(was+v-ing)PAST PERFECT C (had been+v-ing)//PAST PERFECT(had+3ed)PAST PERFECT//PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS(had been+v-ing)PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS///PRESENT PERFECT (have-has+3)PAST PERFECT(had+3ed)///PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS(had been v-ing)PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS(had been+v-ing).///will-would/can-could/may-might/must-had to. HE=HIS/SHE=HER.

-CLOSE THE DOOR.HE SAID (tell,order,said)=he ordered me that to close the door.

-CAN YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?HE ASKED ME(petición,¿?)=he asked me If I could speak english.

CAN YOU READ THE TEXT?THE TEACHER ASKED ME SAID=the teacher asked me to read the text

-LET´S GO TO THE CINEMA.HE SUGGESTED ME(sugerencias,why?,shall me?,how about?=he suggested me goING to the cinema.

now(then),today(that day),tonight(that night),next day(the following day)last(the previous),this (that)

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