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Warner bruthers and universal;                             2

the made films ganster and thrillers

Marilyn monroe;  famous and old actresses           8

Almodovar, stanley; very well know..                      11

oscar; litle golden statuette given..                         7

michael moore; american director                         6

marlon brandon; main director in the godfather    10

nickelodeon; firt movie theatres                             1

george melies; considered the father of E.E            5

Blockbuster; very popular and successful film          4

humphrey bogart; actor who casablanca                 3

best sellers; successful book sold around the world 9

Genre: is a set of movies with features in

common including actor ans scenarios.

5 libros importantes: one hundred years

of solitude; 1984; the bible, the coran, the


escritores importantes: cervantes,

shakespeare, homer, albert camus, julio verne.

Charles chaplin: the kid, the circus, the golden

rush; the great dictador.

famosos directores: andrew adamson: shreck,

The Lord of the Rings; nick cassavetes:
when you find, the notebook. ; james cameron:

titanic, avatar; John Lasseter: toy story, cars.

Horror:  the ring; the exorcist

romantic: the vow, the notebook

comedy: american pie: the mean girls

thriller: the eyes of julia; friday 13

infant: tinkerbell, wall-e

action: termineitor, matrix

sciencie fiction: alien; star wars

casa blanca: drama/ 1942

titanic: Leonardo Dicaprio/ 1997

life is beautiful: roberto benigni / 1997

the godfather: 1972/ francis fordcoppola

mago de oz: fantacy/ 1939

star wars: 1977/ george lucas.

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