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Present simple. Affirmative. Suj. + verbo (3ªpersona -s -es) Negative. Suj. + don't/doesn't + verbo Interrogative. Do/does + suj + verb (always, usually, often, somentime, at 1 o'clock, at night, on fridays, every week, once a month, how often..?). Present continuous. Affirmative. suj + am/are/is + verb -ing Negative. suj. + am not/aren't/isn't + verb -ing interrogative. Am/are/is + suj + verb -ing (now, right now, at the moment, this year, tonight, tomorrow, next week/year/friday) Past simple. Affirmative. suj. + verb -ed(o irregular) Negative. Suj + didn't + verb Interrogative. Did + suj + verb (yesterday, last week/year, two days ago, in 2007, when, then) Past continuous. Affirmative. Suj + was/were + verb -ing Negative. Suj + wasn't/weren't + verb -ing Interrogative. Was/were + suj + verb -ing (llast night/week/year, at 4 o'clock, when, while, as) Past perfect simple. Affirmative. Suj + had + verb -ed(o irregular) Negative. Suj + hadn't + verb -ed(o irregular) Interrogative. Had + suj + verb -ed(o irregular).(Already, by the time, after, before, until, never, just) Present perfect simple. Affirmative. Suj + have/has + verb -ed Negative. Suj + haven't/hasn't + verb -ed Interrogative. Have/has + suj + verb -ed(nerver, ever, already, just, yet, recently, lately, how long...?, for, since, in recent years)


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