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Dveloping a high self-esttem s somthing tht worries a lt of people.There are many factors tht affect,it such as mdia images of skinny girls,friends and fmily/If you hve a psitive image,you like and accpt yourself,but some people blame others for feeling bad with their body.Furthermore,some parents are thought to criticize their sons bcause of their physical appearance.Some friends focus on hurting weak members of their group/ The truth is that a psitive and optimistic attitude can help you develop a good self-esteem.In addition a healthy lifestyle can help you.But the first thing to do is to accept yourself the way you are/Knowing what makes you happy and reach your goals is the most important.If there are things about you that you want to change,you hve to do it. Being a happy person dpends on you.PLASTIC SURGERY Nowadays,more and more people dcide to undergo plastic surgery to improve their self-esteem.They are said to be fans of this new phenomenan/On the one hand, some of them become focused on improving some aspects of their body bcause their self-esteem is low.But the truth is that they aren´t aware about the risks of this/On the other hand there are people who accept their body and decide to live the way they are.These people are not in favour of plastic surgery and they follow a healthy diet and do sport/In conclusion when talking about self-esteem we can find different opinions.But I think that if some people don´t feel good the way they are,they should do something to improve themselves

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