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My name's Bev. l'm in my early twenties and l'm average height, with short dark hair and dark eyes. l'm into dancing and I go to the cinema when I can. I also go horse-riding occasionally and 1 like to go for walks in the country.
You can see from my photo that l'm ahappy sort of person. I think that this is probably my best quality. l'd describe myself as fairly easy-going, though I sometimes get angry about any kind of cruelty to people or animáis.
l'm definitely cautious in tny attitude to relationships. l've been hurt in the past and l'd like to meet someone who is really honest, patient and broad-minded.
I don't want to get involved in a serious relationship yet. l'd like to get to know someone and then see what happens.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Bev


My name's Dean and l'm 19. l'm quite tall and l've got dark hair and brown eyes.
I like to keep fit, so I often go running. One of my ambitions is to run a marathón. When l'm at home I usually read a book or watch a DVD. I like watching comedies and sport.
In general, l'm quite sociable and l'm told that l've got agood sense of humour. On the negative side, I can be a bit quíck-ternpered at times, l'm also a bit absent-minded and l'm not very good at remembering birthdays and stuff like that.
I think that people in a relationship should respect each other and be open and honest. l've been unfaithful in the past, but l've really learnt my lesson and Vil never do it again. Anyway, send an ernail if you want to get in touch. Then maybe we could meet. See you. Dean


Suchart Baisi lives in a temple called the Wat Tanot in the city of Ayuthaya in Thailand. Traditionally, all young men in Thailand spend some time studying  Buddhism in a temple. Life in the temple is both uncomplicated and healthy. Suchart spends most of his time studying or praying, but he is allowed to watch TV once a week.
 There is a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere at Wat Tanot, and although the living conditions are basic, the people there seem happy. As I walked around, I could hear people praying, and the smell of freshly-cooked Thai food drifted towards me from one of the buildings.
The first thing I noticed about Suchart's living space was its size. The
 small metal hut was only big enough for one person. It was just a plain, rectangular box. As I got nearer, I saw that it was neither comfortable nor luxurious, but it seemed cleán and cool. The hut had a bamboo floor and the roof was made of palm leaves. Looking inside, I noticed a small electric light at one end and there were also some home-made wooden shelves. On them were Suchart's few possessions. Everything he owned was probably in that hut.

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