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Nowadays, every family has at least one computer at home, and almost everybody likes playing games at the computer. Moreover, millions of computer games are bought each year in Spain.

On one hand, some computer games make the person who plays think and try to find a way to go to the next level. They make the brain exercise. We can also find some educational games, about aspects of life, and very interesting things, for example, languages, animals, travelling, science, etc. In addition, most games are very exciting;and you can easily relax from school’s stress by playing them, which is very helpful.

On the other hand, games can be very addictive, and can make people waste the little free time they have. Activities like sport, studying or being with family or friends are better than sitting in front of a screen. Furthermore, most of these games contain violence or sex, and a lot of kids play them. Kids shouldn’t play this kind of games, they should be banned.

To conclude, I would say that games are good for you in some aspects but they create too many problems. With all this, I mean that playing computer games is a waste of time and we should all avoid playing them.

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