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accomplice: a person who helps another to commit a crime

advertive: publicise a fact or product

aftershave: a lotion or cream with a nice smell put on after shaving

...And the line went dead: the caller put the pone down

anxious: worried

appearance: the way someone looks

barking: here shouting

cupped in the shape of a cup

... Doing her nails: putting on nail polish

focus: the point where the clearest picture is seen through the camera or the eye

He was in it for the money: money was the only reason for his crimes; he did not really enjoy doing them

his heart sank: he became disappointed or unhappy

heavily built: large, almost fat

interpol: a real international pólice organisation

journalist: one who writes stories or articles for magazines or newspapers

knife-wound: an injury to the body made with a kinife

... Made his heart miss a beat: made him excited

make-up: cosmetics

mend: repair

mood: state of mind or feeling

persuades: convinces or changes someone's mind

programme: a list of travel arrangements

punished: made to suffer for doing something wrong

realised: understood

ruin: destroy

Spanish Riding School: a world famous riding school where horse shows are held

tricked: cheated

tuneful: having a pleasant tunte

uneasy: not at ease; uncomfortable

Vienna Woods: a forest-like park outside the city of Vienna

Wanderlust: an old English word meaning an urge to travel or mové from place to place - a good title for a travel magazine

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