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famosoIf I were famous I would not want people following me and wanted to know everything I do. if I wish it was famous for being a good footballer and be a great club like Real Madrid.
I would try not to be too greedy with money, have many famous friends and attendparties that were invited. would play with my friends to golf, tennis and many moregames.
I'd love to be famous because they have no problem and live well, have several good brands such as cars and porch Ferrary.
Anyway I'd love to be famous.

prosimo año:Next year I will change my high school to study art school but if I fail this course prefer to stay in school St. Isidore of Seville.
Next year I'll try getting my driving license for not having to move by public transport. Ipoint you to a football team and takes part in a soccer tournament, I'll change the institute will study what Prince Philip and I like most. if I could I would like to work this summer with my mother and if I like the new job would work and studies but this ideadoes not satisfy me much
In short, the next year will study more in the new institute agusto

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