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The invisible enemy:
There weren´t so many factories, so many cars than today. Pollution in sur environment is the cause of many illnesses nowadays , for example, cancer of lunges or many allergies.
However, there are many new discoveries in medicine and this is very important for our health.
today less people die than fifty years ago.
Yellow Journalism:
In the last decade the media of the yellow priss, one that is made and by the television, begins to be unmarked of that pleasant amused press.
The fows on gossips and lives of celebrities.
And these programs arethe most
Tha yellow press on gossips about the lives of jamurs people. The moblem is that there are too much gossip programimes on TV, so that they are anno ying.
Domestic violence against women:
Nowadays, there are lot of inviolence at school.
This violence can take place between student, and between a teacher and student.

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