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man is not the owner of the P.E
- the planet e. Is the home of millions of species of animals, trees and mankind. We humans believe that we are owner of the world, but this is not true. There is an interconnection all living things
- we are using up all the resources tha the E. Has given us, we have exploted it. We have been selfish, putting up factories, taking off the greenery of the Earth
In this way we are destroing our Planet, our home without worrying about future generations( about the gene. To come) We are beginning to know how much we owe to the p.E., that give us oxygen, food, clothes and the great number of technical inventions to help us live comfortabely and easily.
-We must find a balance between the humans and the other species, to live in harmony with each other.
In my opinión we human beings have to learn to respect nature and give thanks for all that we have enabling usto live so nicely

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