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TOO MUCHE TELEVISION:according to the new study,watching too much television is directly related to attention problems in children,problems such as the inability to read for a long time or pay attention.AMPHIBIAN DECLINE SERVES AS GLOBAL WARNING:comprehensive. has created.has caused. amphibians have a sort og skin much more delicated than other types of animals,that's why they will be the first to suffer from environmental disaster.SHOULD THE STATE TELL US WHAT TO EAT AND DRINK:people use very few fresh food,instead the eating of jumk food is increasing,everything is cooked in the microwaves and the act of eating has became a solitary activity not a social one.SKIN ART:polynesian islanders got tattosed because for them it was a way of being protected against enemies.WHERE DOES DRACULA COME FROM?:true(8/9)false(6/8).whitby is the little town where the aithor probably inspired write his famous novel.picturesque,engaged,appears,habit.although(that),had been(what),deals(is explained),what else she had seen.MOBILE PHONES IN SOCIAL LIFE:true(2/4),true(13/15).come across,using(is applied),have been(than),who(from),if she had was a mobile phone in her bag. because using the mobile phone in a social event such as a wedding,a birthday,or a friends meeting could be understand as a synonym of boredom.THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO: life was very hard because of serious epidemic illneses,wars caused by irresponsible governors and because of religions with the hunger causing deaths by hundreds.COMPULSIVE SHOPPING:false(18/19)it could be a person who often buys some objects which are not necessary at all for him or her,without thinking previously about it. being admitted,who.

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