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THE BERMUDA ISLANDS: FALSE-spanish Explorer juan de..FALSE-mr.allens aim is to mend the previous..//-because a survivors narration of the shipwreck its supposed to be the source of inspiration for shakespeares the tempest.-Currently bermuda is the most important place for practicing scuba-diving and also offers to tourists much more than just a sunny Beach.//a)snared b)starving c)shipwreck d)launched//a)far,from b)its,since c)to visit, had d) are inhabitted, is calledRHINOCEROS LAKE:FALSE-a good instante of this is..TRUE-excitedly,they followed the..//-He made a sort of apparatus to leave rhinoceros footprints- people followed the tracks absolutely convenced that they were the footprints os real rhinoceros//a)misconceptions b)instante c)rope d)learned//a) with,the b) can, from c)who, seeing d)the cleverest,have ever meetABUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS: TRUE-in poor countries the biggest problema..TRUE-developed nations must drastically..//-Because everybody thinks that we are protected by medicines and specially by antibiotics- We can contribuye to preserve their effectiveness if we ask for antibiotics Orly when it is necessary and diseases are serious enough for taking them.//a)scratch b)remain c)soared d)bequeath//a)some, for, killing b)have once been easily cured, stronger to c)should d)have lived, for.BURGLARS MOVE IN FOR THE WEEKEND :FALSE-she had arranged for her husband jack..TRUE-mrs.cox has cared husband since..//-The house was empty that weekend because mrs.cox went to london for a Redding.she Leith her husband in hospital and a friends of the couple Lockheed alter their dog.-The thieves ate and drank,and also slept in mr and mars.cox beds befote leaving taking off 30.000 pounds//a)making off b)haul c)locked d) cared//a)that,was told b) will visit,about c)if, would d)warned, oponed.

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