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p.simple:I work.he works(trabjo)/I don´t work.he doesn´t work(no trabjo)/do i work?.does he work?(trabaja?)
p.cont:I am working.he is working(estoy trabjando)/I am not working.he isn´t working(no stoy trabjndo)/am i working?.is he working?(estoy trabjndo?)
p.perfect:I have worked.he has worked(ha trabjado)/i haven´t worked.he hasn´t worked(no he trabjado)/have i worked?.has he worked?(he trabjado?)
p.perf.cont:lo d arriba pero been working(he estado trabajando)
past.simp:I stole(robe)/i didn´t sted(no robe)/did i sted?(robe?)
past.cont:I was stealing.we were stealing(estuve robando)/I wasn´t stealing.we weren´t stealing(no estuve robando)/was i stealing?.were we stealing?
past.perf:I had stolen.we had stolen(habia robado)/I hadn´t stolen.we hadn´t stolen(no habia robado)/had i stolen?.had we stolen?(habia robado?)
past.perf.cont:lo d arriba pero been stealing(habia estado trabajando)
fut.simpl:you will travel(viajare)/you won´t travel(no viajare)/will you travel?(viajare?)
fut going to:you are going to travel(yo voy a viajar)/you aren´t going to travel(yo no voy a viajar)/are you going to travel?(voy a viajar?)
p.simple->past simple/past simple->past perfe/past perfect->past perc.cont/past perf.cont->past perf.cont/presnt cont->past conti/futur simpl->would+inf/presnt.perf.simp->past.perf.
can->could/may->might/must->must/have to ->had to/will->would/now->then/today->that day/tonight->that night/yesterday->the previous day/last week->the previous week/a month ago->the previous month/tomorow->the next day/next week->the following week/here->there/this->that/these->those
said that comment promise answered admited explaied/¿? asked me wanted to know/ordenes:  told shouted ordered/suplicas begged/sugerencias advised suggested recommended.

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