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Hi, Sarah. This is Harry. How are you?//I'm well, Thanks. and you?//I'm fine. Listen, are you doing anything on Saturday evening?//I don't think so. Why?//I'm going to the cinema with some friends. They're showing the new Will Smith film.Do you want to come?//Yes,please.I'd love to.Thanks!//Why don't we ask kelly,too?//oh,ok,I'm seeing her tomorrow at school.I can ask her then.//Great! we're meeting outside the cinema at seven o'clock//Ok, see you there!()()Hi, Clara. how was your holiday? Did you have a good time?//yes, thanks.It was fantastic.//where did you go?//I went to Romania with my mum and dad//Really?that's interesting. where did you stay?//we stayed with relatives in Constanta. Their house is very near the sea//that's handy. Did you go to the beach?//yes, I did. I went swimming every day.//Did you take any photos?//No, I didn't, I'm sorry!()()()past simple: interrogative::Did she watch TV last night?. Negative:: I didn't watch TV Affirmative: I watched. Present simple: Do. does.Present continuous::was sleeping

my name is Raul and I'm Fourteen years old. I live in La Font de la Figuera with my parents, my two brothers and my sister. I go to IES Moixent (school).//my hobbies is Rap. I always listen to music in my bedroom. I also dowload songs onto my mobile phone and listen to them on the bus. My favourite bands are Falsa Alarma, Chojin, Zenit, Nach and Violadores del Verso. I sing Rap with friend.//I usually visit the chat room on Saturday evening between ten and eleven o'clock. I'm also interested in getting emails. My email address is......///My worst day at school//weekend was about a year ago. My alarm clock didn't ring, so I woke up late. I missed the bus and was late for school//party. My teacher//friends was//were a bit annoyed//the lesson before lunch was biology. The teacher gave us our exam papers back. I was really happy - I got 100%. Then I looked at the name on the paper. In fact I only got 50%. I was very dissapointed.../// chess, collecting things, computer games, dancing, drawing, fashion, films, magazines, martial arts, music, photography, sport//annoyed, confused, dissapointed, embarrassed, excited, frightened, jealous, nervous, surprised, upset//bank, card shop:tienda de tarjetas, chemist's:farmacia, clothes shop, computer shop, electrical shore, jeweller's, music shop, newsagents:kiosko, post office, shoe shop, supermarket.

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