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In 1988 Soyinka became a professor of African studies and theatre at Cornell University. Despite government pressure, Soyinka was active in the Nigerian theater.Soyinka's best-known essays MYTH, LITERATURE, AND THE AFRICAN WORLD were published in 1976. He has been one of the most outspoken critics of the concept on negritude. Soyinka has also defended African democracy. In the mid-1970s he campaigned for Idi Amin's overthrow.Soyinka lived in exile in the US and France after leaving Nigeria in 1994. He had participated in 1993 on a protest march against the military regime and also witnessed on another occasion the killings of peaceful demonstrators. The military regime of General Sani sentenced Soyinka to death. After the death of military dictator Sani Abacha on June 1998, Soyinka demanded democracy to Nigeria.Soyinka returned in October 1998 to his home country, and and received a hero's welcome. After decades of struggle for democracy and freedom of expression, Soyinka announced in 2010 that he has decided to retire from public life. Soyinka has been married three times. In 1989 he married his third wife, Doherty Folake. His second wife, Laide Idowu. Following President Bashar Assad's brutal crackdown on the country's uprising, Soyinka and other writers, urged in June 2011 the United Nations to condemn the repression in Syria as a crime against humanity.

Wole Soyinka->Nigerian playwright, poet, novelist, and critic, first black African who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. Soyinka has been imprisoned several times for his criticism of the government. He has lived long periods in exile.Wole Soyinka was born in Abeokuta, which was then a British colony. His father was the headmaster of a school. Soyinka's mother, was a shopkeeper and respected political figure in the community.Soyinka was educated at the University College of Ibada. In 1954 he moved to England, where he studied English literature. During this period he started study of the work of Eugene O'Neill and wrote two plays, THE SWAMP DWELLERS and THE LION AND THE JEWEL.While in England, Soyinka married Barbara Skeath. In 1960 Soyinka returned to Nigeria, and established an amateur ensemble acting company. He also wrote scripts for radio and television. Soyinka's first important play, A DANCE OF THE FOREST was written for Nigeria's independence celebration.Soyinka was appointed in 1962 a lecturer in English at the University of Ife and in 1965 he became senior lecturer at the University of Lagos.After release Soyinka worked as a teacher, but went in 1972 into voluntary exile.. In 1975 Soyinka returned to Nigeria and was appointed professor of English at the University of Ife.

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