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1-A) True:"may be its last surviving member"

B) False:" This is the third time a reservation has been made for a single person"

C) False:" Before this, they had found several huts and a small village that had been burnt and destroyed by tractors"

D) False:" The Indian has been spotted three times by a team of anthropologists from the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI).  The last time, when they tried to communicate and offered him presents, the man responded by shooting an arrow.

2-A) The main dangerous to the Indian are the western diseases and the preservation of his indigenous culture.

B) The ranch owners think that the situation is a farce there has never been a village in their land.

4-A) The leader of FUNAI said that they had never seen more than two shacks together, so they thought just one person was making them.

B) Reservations were being created to preserve indigenous cultures

C) The indian would probably die if he caught a western disease

5- Man doesn´t depend exclusively on the Amazon rainforest, Although it is a great place where man gets wood from. The wood is used to make paper and to get firewood. If man did not have wood, nobody would have paper and I would not have where to write now. If the Amazon rainforest stop to exist, the world would lose many animals and plants. So everybody should look after this rainforest. In addition all of us have to use the planet resouces less because we are going to use them up all. In conclusion, all of us have to be careful if we want have this rainforest.

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