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1. There was one of the greatest hoards of ancient Egyptian treasure inside.
2. María Corelli was a British writer of gothic horror novels
3. The curse was supposed to say that anybody who entered the tomb of a pharaoh would die
4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed that carnavon´s death could have been the result os such a curse
5.There was an explanation without reference to the supernatural for all the “mysterious” deaths

1. When was the tomb found?
The tomb of the tutankamen was found in 1922 by Howard cárter
2. Why was the discovery so important?
It was so important because it was found one of the most important ancient Egyptian treasure
3.Why were the media and the public shocked?
The media an the public were shocked because Carnavon´s death could have been the result of such a curse
4.Where was the curse supposed to be?
It was suppused that in was at the entrance of tutankamen´s tomb
5.Does the curse really exixt?
The curse doesn´t exist

1.Ancient coffin sarcophagus
2.Body prepared for burial,especially in ancient Egupt mummy
3.Wish for evil or harm curse
4.Supernatural force occult
5.Said to be caused by reported and attributed of the curse

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