The family of pascual duarte chapter 8

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Chapter 7 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Chapter 8 The End of the Forty Thieves.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is the story of a famous man
poor, Ali Baba, which is a place where there is gold hidden by
Thieves in a secret cave. To open the cave must say: CESAM done! A day, the brother of Ali Baba, Kasim was found out in this and decided to go for gold, but once inside, did not know how 
go and the thieves were discovered and killed and cut into pieces. Ali brought the pieces to sewing a shoe dry. 
Then, thanks to the thieves know they cobbler qi sap his secret and came from the Ali Baba, but were overcome by the ingenuity of Marjan, the maid of Ali Baba who found that s'amagabuen within a Vase of oíl and hot oíl and pulled inside and killed.

Chapter 9 The Thief and the Donkey
A man tricked by a thief, making him believe that his ass is actually a man transformed into a donkey. Tells a story saying that sticking to his mother, and that turned into donkeys, humans think and sho that gives money back to his mother, and the thief gets money this way.

Chapter 10 Aladdin and the Lamp.

Aladdin and the Lamp is another famous story, a genie
granted to anyone who desires the lamp
One day the uncle of Aladdin teaches you the way to grab the lamp and becomes rich. 
Marries the daughter of a sultán and called home the beautiful genie. But then his uncle returns and discovers where he lives and asks the genie that carries the lamp house and the wife of Ali in his country, Morocco. The Aladdin discovers that his uncle has done and am the help of his wife back home and everything that had their country. Finally he and his wife live many happy years with the lamp.

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