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Cartoon,Chat show,detective series,documentary,game show,the news,reality show,sitcom
Make: a mistake(an error), a meal(prepare and cook something to eat), money(become rich), friends, decision, noise, progress(=mprovement)
Do: homework, the housework(cleaning), subjects, couse, shopping, research(detailed study in one subject), a favour(do something to help someone) something, anything, nothing
Have: a rest(relax,do nothing), food and drink, a bath/shower, party, baby, birth, time.
Take: exam, photo, decision, shower, bus/train/plane/taxi.

Preposiciones: In= succeed, On= insist, congratulate, Of= think, dream, approve, accuse, suspect, Against= Decide, warn, Like= feel, To= look forward, From= prevent, stop, For= thank, forgive.

Modales: Obligacion: Must y have to. Prohibicion: Mustn't. Necesidad: Need (Afir+inter). Ausencia de Obligacion: Needn't y Don't have to. Consejos: Ought to, Should y shouldn't. Habilidades en Presente: Can, en pasado: Could. Habilidades en otros tiempos: Be able to. Posibilidad, pre y fut: May, may not, might, might not, could. Deducciones logicas: Must(seguros de algo) y can't(seguros de que es imposible)

Pistas: Please= Can. Perhaps y Be possible= May***,Could**,Might*. It's not necessary= Needn´t.  Be able to= Can(presente), Could(pasado). Be allowed to= Can't, can, may, may not. Be sure, Be certain= Must. Had better= Should. I'm sorry, It's your buty= Should. Forbide= Can't. Prohibit=Mustn't. Maybe, May= Can. Why don't we..?, Lets go to the..= We should go to. Wish= Ought to. I'm not sure= Might not.

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