Voz pasiva

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Presente simple- past simple

she studies english- she studied english

present continuous- past continuos

she is studing english- she was studydyng english

present perfect simple- past perfect simple

she has studied english -she had studied english

present perfect continuous- past perfect contniuos

she has been studying english- she had been studyng english

past simple -past perfect simple

she studied english -she had been studying english

past continuous no change

she had studied english

past perfect continuous no change

she had been studying english




Must>have to

Cambios en otras palabras y expresiones


today> that day

tonight>that night

yesterday>the day before

last week>the week before

a month ago>the month before

tomorrow>the next day

next week>the week after




Voz pasiva

plays>are played

is playing>are being played

played>were played

was playing>were being played

has played>have been played

had played>had been played

will play>will be played

should play> should be played

must have played>must have been played

has to play>have to be played

is going to play>are going to be played

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