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Interview:the first meeting with the people you want to work for.Training course:a chance to etudy and learn something practical.Employer:someeone who pays somebody to work for him or her.Skills:the abilities you need to do something well.Career:a job or profression that you do for a long time.Curriculum vitae:a récord of your school qualifications and work experience.Code:rules about the clothes you should wear or work.Employees:the people who work in a company.Interviewer:the person who asks you questions.Field:an área of study or work.Task:a piece of work that you have to do.Application:when you write to say you would like a job.Reference:a recommendation of someone's abilities.Candidate:a person who applies for a job.Requirements:the skills or qualifications you need to do a job.Attend an a interview,make a good inpression,make eye contact,look interested in someone,cross your arms/legs.

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