Where is the pharynx and how did it become an important part of human sound production

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The physical adaptation source;It is another speculative theory about the origins of human being speech.It is founded on biological basis explaining the formation and development of human language.It involves the physical features that human posses,especially those that are distinct from other creatures of the earth which may have been able to support speech production.This,at some aearly stage,their ancestors made a significant transition to an upright postures of bodies for example,with a bipedallocomotion,that is walking on two legs and not using arms and legs toghether to mové them,and using other body parts.Also other diffrences can be observed between the skull of a gorilla and that of a neanderthal man from 60000years ago.The reconstructed vocal tract of a neardenthal suggests that some consonant like sound distinctions would have been possible.But like most of all the theories this also involves some uncertainties

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