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there is no doubt that video games are being very important in the last decade. they become in one of the most important entertaiment.

In my opinion i think that many people are addicted to the video games and some of them are dangerous because they are violent. they can influence in the children behaviour. for this reason, parents and education association wants legal measures to stop this kind of video games.

many children dont play in the parks because they are playing with video games. phycologists think that this isnt good for the personal develop of the child.

in conclusion, goverments should take measures and control the dangerous video games


Wolf has been a misterious animal for long time in our country. there is no doubt that people are afraid of wolves. because they consider they are very dangerous. in other time, they came into the villages to kill sheep.

nowdays wolves are in extintion, there are only a few couples in spain. there were a lot of negative legends around wolves and men killed them without control.

in my opinion wolves should be a protected specie because they can dissapeared. we can see wolves only at the north of spain.

in conclusion, wolf is a mithyc animal in spain and it cant dissapear.

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