Writing a description of a place

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-in a exam is more better than 75%.-a town is bigger than a village.-most language students think that english is easier than chinese.-a mountain is more bigger than a hill.-a five-star hotel is more confortable than a two-star hotel.*1.This song was written in the 1960s.2.This scooters are made in italy.My father's motorbike was stolen yesterday.4.The tea isn't grown in britain.5.The wheel was not invented by the romans.6.A lot of money is spent on clothes.MARCH OF THE PENGUINS:The film tells the story of one of the most Incredible travel,in the world. In April, the start of the Antarctic winter, thousands of penguins are walking from the sea to the place where their young are nacidos.They traveled across the ice to 1.5 kilometers per hour, day and night caminando.They crossed a región where no wild creature could survive.There are icy winds of 160 kilometers per hour.

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