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A relative difference: F(NOBODY)-this similarity. F(population)developmen. co-link part-skull jump-leap forward appa-seemingly.
Amphibian Decline Serves As Global Warning: V(RESEAR)-the discovery. F(the number)-of these. comp-comprehesive be-since ex-drastic exce-remarkable. continues, will rise,was created,protecting,caussed,most important, polluting, to. Coetzee wins Nobel Prize: F(MANY)-the nobel. F(COETZEE)- coetzee was born. without-unquestionably comp-wholly ideas-assumptions quick-swiftly. who, last, winning, received, whose, was not chosen,about, his. Compulsive shopping: F(ACCORDING)-men are just. V(EXPERTS)doctros have con. resu-finding incre-rocketed tende-trends looki-seeking. be experienced, with, admitting, for, should, than,yesterday the salesman told me not to pay him then. Dragons: V(DRAGONS CHINA) to the chinese F(DRAGONS IN DIFFEREN) all these. cle-wise kee-guarding look-resemble hidde-submerged. have formed, to know, was seen, because, largest, bigger, that dragons had played an importand role in his life. ELVIS LIVES! F(ELVIS)-it was as her 11, F(WHEN)- even though. fain-swooned tomb-grave living-staying trying-tracking down. their, was, was found, was cleaned out, to, could, elvis that she would marry him if he sent her his autograph. I´m working from home: FPEOPLE)- for the V(THE NUMBER)-fewer. sele-choosing su-study cha-opportunity change-switch. have been working, an, for, to, accepted, were taken, for many workers homeworking would reduce costs. mobile phones V(NOWADAYS)-so many V(THE TEX)- if you reallly. may-perhaps begi-outset say-apologise encounter-come a cross. using, applied, have been, than, who, from, if there was a mobile phone in her bag.

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