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Not without my dog!: F(PETS)- even on the V(MARCUS)-marcus cant unders. unsu-inappropriate live-vivacious tende-trend disco-realizing. so, them, has admited, dont like, began, betweeen, leaving, on. Pointing the Finger: F(AUTISTIC)-a report, F(AUTISM)-early symptoms. lin-creases the-the gaze rela-ratio stan-average. are fixed, to be governed, although, to, earlier, easier, I could never imagine that my fingers could say so many things. Should the State tell us what to eat and drink?: F(THE SOCIE)-we eat F(IN THE)-a sociologist. resea-enquiry near-almost whole-entire unple-nasty. eating, for, ate, loaves, buy, twice, her something else to eat. Singing: F(NOT)-each of us, F(AS WE)-and as adult. tale-gifted play-performs rewa-gratifying stru-fabric. Skin Art: embal-mummies almo-nearly profu-deeb compl-fully. becoming, his, what, whose, it, were linked, is worn. Smart shoes: F(THE TERM)-the expresion V(SOME)-some reachers. worr-concerns end-expired mech-device caus-raise. easiest, from, which, of, has increased, watching, tries, spent. South American Wild Cats Find Hope in a Test Tube: V(SOME)-since time F(THE ASSISTED)-so far. decre-declined poss-threat agri- farming unti-so far. to, should, had, carelessly, too, for, researchers when they had begun their new wild cat project. marco polo F(MARCO POLO)-the travels of, F(EXPERTS)-but much of. descr-account terr-grim fore-alien comm-prevalent. who, was, was governed, ruled, with, whose, marco polo said thathe had only told half of what he had seen. Too much television: F(it seems)-experts say,F(THE NEW)-this new, quan-amount sym-signs exa-tested previ-earlier, began, between, often, a, on, is, what she would do when she finishes her homework.

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