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4.completa con who,which,whose,where,when.
1.the day WHEN the accident happened was very stormy.
2.turn left at the next corner,WHERE there is a stop sign.
3.that´sthe waitress WHOSE tray was knocked over.
4.sam WHO knows the new girl at school,has invited her to the party
5.the hotel in WHICH we stayed was very expensive.
6.the house WHERE we onde lived doesn´t exist any more
5.combina oraciones.
1.the new shop sells beatiful was opened last week.
the new shop, which was opened last week,sells beatiful clothes.
2.I remember the year.we moved to canada then.
I rememberthe year when we moved to canada.
3.the photgrapeher took excellent photos. he was recommended to us.
the photographer,who was redommended to us,took excellent photos.
4.the children enjoy going to the park.they can feed the ducks there.
the children enjoy going to the park where the can feed the ducks.
5.the man´s son fell down the stairs.he called an ambulance.
the man,whose son fell down the stairs, called an ambulance
6.I tried on the jean.lisa bought them for me.
I tried on the jeans whichlisa bought for me.
7.max is an actor.he lives in new york.
max,who lives in a new york,is an actor.
8 my house is on brown street,it is a very small street.
my house is on brow street which is a very small street. brother was born on 17th march when I was six years old.
my brother was born on 17th march when I was six yeras old.
10.toronto is an exciting mun was born there.
toronto ,where my mun was born,is an exciting city.

1.outside europe,you need a go abroad.
2.if you want a good table.-D.make reservations.
3.we want to slay at a hotel.-F with a centrel location can collect.-B.your baggegs here.
5.oh!look at the.-H.beautiful scenery.
6.please put on.-G.your seat belt much is.-I. the service charge?.
8.can I pay with.C.traveller is cheques? and tours.A.are included in a package holiday.
1.big ben is one of london is most famous LANDMARKS.
2.the GUIDED TOUR of the museum stats at nine o´clock in the morning.
3.we dorve our car on a JOURNEY across europe.
4.I always read a GUIDEBOOK about my holiday destination.
5.I´d like a flight with a later DEPARTURE TIME please.
6.the AIRFARE from canda to paris is very expensive.
7.your sea number is written on your BOARDING CARD.
8.there´s a new a student at our school from a FOREIGN COUNTRY.
3usa el infinitivo
1.travelling with a pet can sause problems.
it isn´t easy to travel with a pet.
2.the teacher was happy when she saw the scool bus arrive.
the teacher was pleased to see the school bus arrive.
3.martha didn´t want to leave the party.
martha was sorry To leave the party
4.buying a new car isnt cheap.
it is expensive To buy a new car.

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